Frequently Asked Questions



What Are Goals?

What do you want your relationships and life to look like? Filling in these blanks may help. I want more/less ___, I would love if ___, I want my relationships to be more/less ___. Once you re-read your goal(s), you may start to think that they are unattainable, that is normal. We can discuss them further at your complementary consultation.

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What IS Expected Of Me?

Show up with a willingness to explore where you are and why. Be motivated and committed to discovering how you can make changes that bring you closer to attaining your goal(s). Act in a way that achieves your goal(s) and maintains the changed behaviour. After your complementary consultation, we will send you the coaching contract that details our commitments.


The client-coach relationship is both personal and highly professional. We will outline the confidentiality agreement in your first one-to-one coaching session. Following on from this, anything you choose to share remains safely between us.



Do You Diagnose?

We do not diagnose or treat any psychiatric disorders. If we suspect that you are better served seeing another professional service, we will recommend that.


Coaching & Counselling?

Coaching is not counselling. Both are very valuable but their approaches differ. Counselling often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got there in the first place. Coaching is about supporting you to make positive steps to help you move forward from where you are now. Some clients benefit from working with both professionals.