Annie empowers you to achieve relationship success by viewng love as an art that requires knowledge, compassion, and effort.

Finding a partner is only one aspect of creating a healthy, meaningful intimate relationship


Long-term, newly or frustrated singles, jaded with dating and wanting change have come to the right place. Work with your love coach 121 to discover what is holding you back from achieving the kind of love you desire.



Gain clarity on why you are dissatisfied in your current relationship. Get space from your relationship by working with your love coach 121 to identify what you really need to achieve contentment, peace and love.


"A healthy, supportive, intimate relationship is one of the best predictors of emotional and physical health" - XX
Develop relationship skills & self-compassion regarding your dating and relationship frustrations


Transform the culture of your workplace by enhancing the relationship skills of your staff. The relationship enhancement programme informed by positive psychology promotes positive health & wellbeing and reduces workplace stress.


Once off consultation and self-assessment to identify the specific areas of dating/relationships that challenges and blocks you most and respond with practical strategies to empower you to take control of your love life and receive the kind of love you deserve.