Annie empowers you to achieve relationship success by viewng love as an art that requires knowledge, compassion and effort.

Three Month Coaching Programme


Many of us are searching on the outside for something found only inside ourselves. We believe we have to work hard to find or keep a partner because they will bring us the joy we so desperately seek. The truth is, all we need is found within us. We have to become the person we want to be in order to be in the relationship we have always dreamt. We need to stop the search and learn what it is to receive or, let love in.

If you would like to create a healthy, meaningful, intimate relationship this programme is for you. As your relationship coach, I will draw from positive psychology and eastern philosophies on love and partner with you to;

  • Identify and break free from your unique patterns blocking you from achieving relationship success
  • Realise the importance of creating a loving relationship with yourself and learn how to start doing that
  • Discover what you really want and need from an intimate relationship
  • Clearly communicate your needs and ask for what you want
  • Trust yourself and your inner wisdom more fully
  • Establish boundaries to allow you to give and take from a more full, loving place
  • Create a more positive attitude towards dating and/or your relationship *

* I work with clients who have recently broken up with their partner to heal their heart and recover. Focussing on self-care is key feature of much of our early work together.

"Healthy and supportive intimate realtionship are one of the best predictors of emotional and physical health" - XX

Four Week Wellbeing Programme


The focus of this 4-week programme is to promote a positive, healthy relationship with self and between all stakeholder groups. It will draw from positive psychology and evidence based approaches to highlight the importance of healthy relationships to create a culture of respect and understanding and reduce workplace stressors. This programme is very practical and focuses on the application of skills and methods to foster; understanding self and others, self-care, collaboration and the promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.

If you would like to enchance the relationship skills of your workplace to promote positive mental health and wellbeing and reduce workplace stress, this programme is for you. As an educator and coach I will partner with you and your team to;

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Understand unique needs and triggers in relationship
  • Communicate needs
  • Establish boundaries to ask for what you need
  • Realise the importance of self-care and identify ways to start doing that
  • Minimise misunderstandings and defensive behaviours
  • Create culture of respect and compassion



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